RP Spike Imperial Jacket | Black Mandarin Collar Steam punk Jacket | Punk Jacket Cyberpunk Clothing


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Sometimes something becomes timeless because of how effortlessly it borrows from different times. This RP Spike Imperial Jacket gives a nod to the sleek design of military costume, but with a softened edge courtesy of softer, femme shoulders, and a beautifully tapered silhouette. Sleek monochrome buttons lead down from a perfect mandarin collar.

Vintage silver rivets add a touch of brightness and interest to the shoulders, as well as the front pockets. In the back, lightweight silvertone spikes are hand-sewn to accentuate the graceful lines of the waist, and another constellation of rivets forms a focal point at the neck.

Timeless, enduring style with a nod to the past and a vision of the future.

SIZE: Medium

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold. Hang Dry.

Measurement: Bust – 35
Length – 23.5
Waist – 30 in.
Sleeve – 22 in.