RP Reconstructed Harness


Scale Rhinestone and Copper Black


We designed this sensual, fierce adornment to accent any neck and chest. This reconstructed leather harness can be sized to fit all beings. (no extra charge) Passionately created from mixed media scraps, upcycled leather, junk jewelry, vintage finds, chains, rivets, and trade secrets, this one of a kind neckpiece is a personal power piece. 

    Shown worn over casual clothing for street style attire, this piece can also be worn with beaded formal.  At its best to be worn solo and sensual as soul adornment for intimate creativity. So many ways to play, queen to be, energies to invoke, warnings to fly. It is our desire to create a spectrum of adornment for fresh feelings and archetypes rising in our culture today. Our individual essence expressing our divine sparkle in the darkness- playful and fierce street-style accents, and modern mystical boudoir adornment.

  • Compiled Junk Jewelry and Upcycled Black Leather
  • Handmade in Asheville North Carolina, USA
  • Arms go through the chains and leather on the sides and the neckpiece ties around the neck to your tightness desire.
  • Wipe and condition every now and then with essential oil spray on contact leather.
  • Model shown Size 

Neckline: 14 in.

Ties: 53 in.

Side Chain Length: 16.5 in.

Side Strap Length: 14 in.

Chest Piece Length: 7 in.