RP Reconstructed Cargo Vest


Plum Fox Post Apocalyptic Wastelander Vest



Reconstructed tactical gear, a classic modern desire. In our studio, we are big fans and love working on this line of badassery…. with a twist of fate and sex appeal. Cargo pants are everywhere in the overloaded bins at the thrift store. We cut out the good part, what everyone really wants, the pockets. Our gaming genre post-apocalyptic line is a unique and reconstructed iconic urban wastelander aesthetic. Saturated in our visual fields from Tank Girl to Tomb Raider the prepared badass and female warrior archetype is a sex symbol of intelligence and self-respect. This line is dedicated to these feelings within all of us as True Heart. Wearing this authentic tough stuff brings confidence and readiness a feeling empowering personally to me.

  • Medium
  • Multiple Large pockets all around
  • Hand-dyed
  • Recycled WWII canvas gaiter accents
  • Zipper front and adjustable tie in the back
  • Generous armholes to fit bulky under shirts through if needed.
  • Spot wash by hand. Hang dry use the sun and RP Dragon Mist to disenfect.

Measurements –

Shoulders: 35

Waist: 29″ – 43″

Length: 19″