RP Lace Veil | Black Veil Lace Mourning Veil | Victorian Mourning Goth Bride Veil


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Scheherazade, a fictional heroine in the tale One Thousand and One Nights, saved her own life by being a talented scribe who could tell a story so enchanting, the murderous king who took an interest in her spared her, that he could hear the next chapter of the tale each night. Heroines have always made history by refusing to bend to the powers that be.

In fashion, old stories are taken and reworked to be a symbol of ancient wisdom infusing modern life. The RP Lace Veil/Black Mourning Veil takes vintage, reclaimed pieces and crafts them into a statement for modern times. Beautifully hand-dyed, embroidered and jeweled floral fabric forms the outer layer, with cascading vintage sequined silk falling from the throat to cover the chest. Black and gold twisted cord frame the veil, softly crossing the bridge of the nose to tie behind the head.

Vintage pearls add heirloom touches to this darkly gorgeous veil. Protection as ritual adornment, bringing ancient resilience to modern heroines.