RP Crimson Leather Shoulder Holster | Festival Bag 1911 Holster | Leather Harness Shoulder Bag


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Functional, balanced, and badass, our one-of-a-kind leather shoulder holsters are the ultimate example of intelligent conscious fashion. Ideal for anyone who is looking to maintain a minimal, balanced body and wishes to move away from the conventional bag/purse.
This handmade crimson red leather holster features two big pockets made of fine, soft leather.
Each bag features snap-close pockets, one on each side of the body, with a
utility key ring on the front strap.

SIZE: Small fits chest 30-36

Measurement: Pocket Length – 7.5 in.
Pocket Width – 5 in.
Shoulder to bottom of pocket – 23 in.

Eliminate the need to carry a purse or backpack when you have everything you might need in two handy ample sized pockets. This unique design is flattering and tough for men or women who want their phone, money, keys, and whatever else they need to be kept safe. For traveling, you can wear under a jacket to keep items hidden. Worn on top of t-shirts, dresses, or Oxford shirts, you just feel free and smart; Keeping everything together nice and easy.

These shoulder holsters are brilliantly utilitarian and simplistic. The leather that we use to make the holster bags and other products at Royal Peasantry, is post-manufacture scrap from local and regional manufacturers of furniture, shoes, and handbags. The leather is of high quality and durable. Stretching will occur over time and use, and trust us, you might just wear it every day. We urge you to help us help you keep it alive, with yearly check-ups, and reinforcement. Inquire when you feel your bags could use a little fixing for a minimal fee.