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Sometimes we need to feel safe, together, collected, ready, and solid. Sometimes we need to feel empowered, protected, abundant, secure and sexy. To walk through this world is a constant adventure and call to duty. This collection of RP Cargo pants is my answer to these desires. I often feel the need to know I have a pair of pants I could wear forever if I needed too. This collection is based on this desire. I love pants that fit and are protective, it is partially why I layer onto jeans and stretch jeans, giving them unique gifts and gentle powerful satisfaction when wearing them.

One thing we come across a lot! of are worn out cargo pants…they are no longer pants but those pockets sure are plentiful and in working order! So we cut up old cargo pants, find really nice fit jeans, canvas belts, studs, new snaps, leather panels, ties, whatever it take to make them visual smooth with the patchwork pocket thing. This pair is medium.

Measurement: Waist: 32 in.
Hip: 38 in.
Inseam: 30 in.
Length: 40.5 in.
Rise: 9.5 in.