Nomad Black Leather Shoulder Holster *


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Our Black Leather Nomad Shoulder Holster is spirited and relaxed, with movement, and shape it is practical and charming. Two pockets that fit what you need, hang where you can get to them, and do their best to stay sustainable. The fringe can be kept sleek, clean, and simple, or added too as your journey unfolds, collecting protective amulets charms, beads, talismans, feather finds,  and friendship ties, plants and oils, studs, and braids. And if you need help putting them on? contact us HERE for our custom process.

Functional, balanced, and badass, our one-of-a-kind leather shoulder holsters are the ultimate example of intelligent conscious fashion. Ideal for anyone who is looking to maintain a balanced body and wishes to move away from the conventional bag/purse.

This handmade leather holster features two big pockets made of medium weight upholstery leather. Each bag features two snap-close pockets, one on each side of the body, with a
utility key ring on the front strap.

Size Med/Lrg – Can be sized to sm/xsm -send a message with purchase
Pocket Length: 7in.
Pocket Width: 5 in.
Pocket (With Fringe): 14.5 in.
The strap (Top of Strap to Pocket): 17 in.

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Weight .5 lbs