Marbled Mermaid Snake Skirts * #4





“I shall always remember how the peacocks’ tails shimmered when the moon rose amongst the tall trees, and on the shady bank the emerging mermaids gleamed fresh and silvery amongst the rocks…”
― Hermann Hesse

This super thick all over floral lycra shaped this snake skirt into a mermaid tail in a moments time. Hand cutting without a pattern I made these 5 skirts from a design I have been using for 20 years. at least when I can find a suitable fabric. I planned on them being longer and bigger but they shrunk more than anticipated in the dry cycle. I will be going to hunt for some more materials like this to prepare for the shrinking after the dyebath and get more mediums and larges for anyone seeking. I learned my lesson. When using large scraps of fabric runoff or damages, patterns can be frustrating, the stretch can be off, the edges uneven etc. there is a reason it went in the discard pail. Cutting and shaping with my seams is how I work these materials to create unique and one of a kind wardrobe components. Same, same, different mermaid skin is magic in the shining light and invisible in the moonlight darkness.

Hand-dyed – moody greens and warm browns, handwash rarely on cold and hang dry. Looking for more ways to clean things that shouldn’t cycle through the wash ever? or often? Tips HERE

The year was going to turn 2000 and I was going on a big trip, out of my comfort zone and with a companion to meet the family. I started to make myself some new clothes to get myself together. I chose  a goldenrod loose weave cotton. I was into bright. I started making a dress and had enough to make two. I added a royal baby blue velour a strapless bust. The pattern you see here in these photos became what was that dress. At that time, I was scared of putting in zippers, buttons and anything else, the dress- became a skirt, a skirt that was extremely flattering on me but not too obvious. and unique. I wore it until it fell apart, and then I wore the material as a booty wrap for a year or so. The final stage of the garment was in 2008 it became part of a pirate costume and was sold as such. Over the years I have found a more perfect material for this patter, thick and stretchy! shaping high waisted and elegant.


Size: Medium


Waist: 29 in. – 32 in,

Length: 39.5 in.

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Weight .25 lbs