Imperial Dagger Utility Belt *




Page of Swords emerges when you are exploring a new way of being in this world – diverse and exotic perspectives, new people, or learning new skills. You have a deep drive and a curious mind, a thirst for knowledge that drives you to search and explore time and culture. You are also very much in the exploratory phase and not mastery. We all mess up along the way, throwing ways that did not work to the composting but your dedication to curiosity is a sign of success in its virtue.

The short sword is a re-enactment replica and is not intended to arm- everything is a weapon if you want it to be- please wear it with care. Our studio creator Kree was contacted to help clear out a collectors tailor after his transition. We bought a few we thought were magical and offer them to you in the form of this belt. Kree cleaned up the blades and they are shiny. You can remove the short sword and put your magic wand in there instead.

This Universal  One Pocket Hip Belt was designed by our team using recycled leathers and materials. The leather used for this belt is tough and built to last for many years, but can easily be shaped. You can break in the pocket easier and faster using a hot damp towel, and then shape until you get the desired look you are going for. The pocket was made for hands-free storage to keep your essentials like a cellphone, wallet, and money safe, right on your hip. The pocket has a leg strap that goes around the leg and buckles, for extra security as well as style. Sport this belt for just about any occasion whether a festival, travel excursions, cosplaying, live-action-roleplay, or even for your everyday life experiences.

We can size belts for free, so let us know your size and measurements and we will accommodate you.

All of our leather products are made of post manufactured scrap from furniture companies, show companies, and purse companies. We get some really interesting and various colors and styles, finishes, and qualities of leathers to use in our creations. Every batch is limited and one of a kind.


Waist:  – 30-44

Pocket Width: 6.5 in.

Pocket Length: 4.5 in.

Leg Buckle: 34 in. – 39 in

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs