RP Reconstructed Neckpiece


Gathered Gifts, a Temple Keeper Neck Piece


Time capsules and time weaving, neutral ground and never leaving…….Spirits high and energy is cleaning….Keep us safe and give us meaning……

“I am grateful for that which I have.
I am not sorrowful for that which I do not.
I have more than others, less than some,
but regardless, I am blessed with
what is mine.” unknown

Created for Ritual Adornment and collaborative time magic. The bringing together of generations of creations into one peace. This Heavily adorned neckpiece gathered itself for years, through donations from friends, gifts of antique beadwork,  drop-offs of full artist dragon junk collections, boxes of findings and cut-ups, scraps, imagination, well kept, time-worn acquisitions, gathered from thrift and antique stores. This majestic masterpiece was created on December 20-21 2019. The construction is riveted, handstitched, protectively glazed, and well put together. There are ties in the back and has a flat neckline at the top with a buckle.


Length: 15 in.
Width: 6 in
Neckline: 16.5 in. – 19.5 in.