Copper Coil Aphrodite Bamboo Midriff Ready To Ship *



This hottie top is sexy, very comfortable and I am making them Made to Order! Please see our “Made to Order” instruction HERE.  Working to be zero waste with this line is pretty easy- the material is satisfying to work with and take care of. We use bamboo rayon yardage to create our Athena dresses and skirts here at RP. We use the scraps and cutoff salvage edges to make smaller items and create the braiding you see in our work across multiple collections- it’s a useful meditation in waste reduction.

This top is new to our Athena line and this is the first time it is offered and our first online made to order collection. We have never used this material for this pattern but decided a soft relaxed double-layered execution would be satisfying and functional. The wrap-around braids secure the underbust and create sexy chaos with the back. This is the first round, gotta see how it fits on other people, test drive! I modeled these and I love them, I kept one, and gifted one.

We use real copper wire to coil the ends of the braids and accents, antique brass studs for connection security and accents, wrap around braiding to uniquify our pieces. They are hand-dyed and should be washed on cold and dryer on low heat.

95% Bamboo rayon/ 5% Lycra

sm-med- 30-36 bust




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Weight .5 lbs