Antique Doll Face Bamboo Panties – SM


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Moody hand dyed Bamboo fabric scraps from Royal Peasantry’s Athena Line are used to create these one-off design panties. These sexy Lil bit covers are a great addition to your wardrobe. They are a simple and stretchy bikini cut, cute and practical. Double-lined in the crouch and printed with nontoxic ink they are unique, each one handmade. Bamboo fiber has natural anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties that make them ideal for undergarments.

What’s with the babydoll head print? It is a long story from before MTM/RP existed, the days of film cameras, high school art class, photocopiers, the silkscreen process, to my daughter’s personalized wardrobe as a toddler, this antique baby doll head has been with me through so many beginnings in learning different artistic processes. I took a photo of this old babydoll in a junk store in 1996, developed the photo, made tons of various experimental photocopies, collages and then forgot about it until 2004 when I learned to make my own silkscreens. I found it in one of my old sketchbooks and burned the first screen. This screen is the one that printed these panties- and many pieces of upcycled appeal over the last 17 years. I know she is a little bit creepy, and I love her.

The black stretch lace waistband and thighs wash great over and over again, wash cold and dry on low heat.

Size: Medium


Waist: 21 in.

Length: 9 in.