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Royal Peasantry Design House lives at the intersection of ethics and inspiration, of conservation and opulence. Drawing from the cast off treasures of a wasteful society, Royal Peasantry is a noble scavenger. We rescue rough stones and chipped gems from the scrapheap and refashion them into skilfully made garments and accessories which span the line from everyday utilitarian simplicity to high ritual extravagance.

Since 1999, we have breathed transformative life back into thousands of articles of discarded clothing. We have saved innumerable pieces of high quality upholstery, fur and leather scraps reincarnating them as bags, holsters, and parts of clothing. We cut, dye, trim, print, and recombine to create contemporary designs that evoke a timeless and primal magic.

Founded in deep love and connection to the Earth, our mission is to offer beautiful alternatives to wasteful clothing over-production. Honoring each other, everything is made locally by our crew of fairly paid craftspeople. Every object at Royal Peasantry has been touched and formed by loving and skilled human hands. Our clothes are meant to be lived in and celebrated in with a brilliantly clear and joyful conscious.

Royal Peasantry is a company based on many old ideas preserved in a fermenting millennial culture, a culture dedicated to saving our earth from industrialized certain death. A movement of industrial ecology and re-skilling, patience and conservation. We are a solution based business which binds ethics and product. We have new skills and assets to share with our community and often turn away many great perspective artists and crafters that we have not had resources to nourish.

Looking for a little more personal insight into the world of Royal Peasantry? Read this article from Verve Magazine about Royal Peasantry founder and designer Daniella Miller. Check out news about our recent fashion show and party at New Mountain Asheville, Dance of the Fools, a tribute to designer Michelle Ford. See the article at the Asheville Citizen-Times and a write up by fashion photographer Duncan Chaboudy.


Dance of the Fools at New Mountain Photo by Libby Gamble/Citizen-Times


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