SOLD/Silk Road Embroidered and Charmed Black Leather Vest


“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”
― Oscar Wilde



BRAND :  More Than Mammal Inc. Caravan Collection

ESSENCE : War Pony, Sisters of the Silk Road

SIZE : Small Bust 30-36  Size 3/4

SHAPESHIFT : Wear as a shirt if you are feeling it fits.

MATERIALS : Soft Italian Leather Vest, Antique Silk Flower Patch, Brass and Chain, Rhinestones, Upcycled Black Stallion Hair on Hide Pocket, Industrial Gun Metal Snaps, Hand Crochet Accent, Brass Studs. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS :

Handmade in Asheville North Carolina with genuine soul and dedication. Thank you for your support of handmade and ethical creation. May all your days bring blessings of joy and expressive, peaceful life.