Green Classic Convertible Asymmetrical Athena Maxi Dress


“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

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Our Athena dress is our red carpet winner, our elegant and sophisticated comfort, our easy and sensual lounge dress, and yes you can wear it for all the occasions. Wear it  with belts and boots, or heels and diamonds, this dress will impress.

You will feel it come over you as you slip effortlessly into the Athena dress. One of Daniella’s most beloved signature designs. This dress is steeped in ancient comfort and elegance. Drawing from the wisdom of our shared history, the unfathomably simple beauty as well as the versatility of this piece makes it irresistible.  This convertible dress can be worn a number of ways, all of them stunning. Choose what suits your mood while maintaining the feminine strength and preparedness of a warrior goddess.

Built lovingly by hand from ultra soft, flexible  cotton/cotton blend fabric, the Athena clings and drapes creating a masterful silhouette. The deep rust  inspires a warm glow on virtually any skin tone. This dress is an  easy to travel masterpiece for the nomads among you. Always in style, always elegant, always comfortable, easy to wash, the Athena remains a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

BRAND : More Than Mammal

SHAPESHIFT : This dress can be worn with the cowl neck in the front and the deep V plunge to the back, can also be worn with the deep plunge in the front and the a belt under the bust, to create a french cut. The third way of wearing the dress is with the plunge to the side hip. This opens but does not expose, for extra security wear a bandeau or belt under the dress around the bustline.

SIZE : Available in small and medium, please specify.  Also available in black, grey, sage, and brown.