Pearla Swank Exotic Rust Leather Neck Fringe


Rust Leather Neck Fringe

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The Neck is a delicate gateway. As a designer, the treatment of the neck has always been of importance to me. We have a collection of unique and exotic neck treatments that are created to engage comfort, protection and expression. You will notice themes throughout our work that empower these skills.

BRAND :  Pearla Swank

ITEM :  Dramatic vintage gold and rust leather neck fringe.

ESSENCE :  Autumns Rust, Lioness Queen

MATERIALS : Soft leather fringe, vintage metal treasure and chains.

SIZE : One size fits most, snaps close at 17 inches. Fringe is 20 inches long. Medallion in the middle measures 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

Handmade in Asheville North Carolina with genuine soul and dedication. Thank you for your support of handmade and ethical creation. May all your days bring blessings of joy and expressive, peaceful life.