Travelers Ritual Dance Belt


“Real museums are places where Time is transformed into Space.”
― Orhan Pamuk

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The top belt of this magnificent piece is the most important part of this elemental ensemble to me. The circular buckle is the coming together of two very sleek wolves made of antique brass. The belt itself is cloth and is embroidered with rainbow heart patterns. This piece I have had in my supply collection for over 8 years, and last summer we finally used it in this piece. The entire piece was inspired by the second layer tier. This button and beaded tassel belt was sold to us by a woman traveling through looking for some extra cash, its contemporary and from Afghanistan.  It sat around not selling for awhile, so we added it to this special piece. Sometimes objects need to change too,  just like people. Transformation kept happening, and another layer happened, and this is the leather layer, speckled with tiny gem rivets and deep rose piping, connecting the worlds and rainbows.

BRAND : More Than Mammal, Daniella Miller

SIZE : Fits hips 32-34