Ancient Nomad Neck Adornment


“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

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Antiques and fresh hands, mixing the melting pot of metals, textures, and worlds. This relic is a collage of ancient African and traveler culture collected and transformed into this prayer for peace, friendship, and appreciation.

BRAND : More Than Mammal, Daniella Miller

STORY : We have a friend from Africa that lives in Atlanta. He travels the country with goods from his land and sends money back to his family. In his journeys he trades with other fellow merchants from other various countries, and in turn offers many opportunities to buy some ancient and alive modern treasure to the friends he comes across along the way. We see him about twice a year.
Brass African trade beads, shell beads, and hammered medallions make up the centerpiece for this dramatic and heavy neck fetish. It is for those with strength to carry it, and is well designed at the neck for maximum comfort and easy fit. The metal and leather is hand stitched and the piece ties with leather ties in the back. The middle eastern pot metal comb at the top is interesting in its detail and craft. The image that is pierced out tells an interesting story that is not mine to decide. I am sure if this belongs to you, your own story it will tell.
Thanks for listening to the wisdom of these pieces. They are the special collection of mysteries, treasures and fetish that makes up the world and the story we illustrate, about our selves and those that define our existence. Many of these pieces that have this essence have traveled very far and long to be here. They have been the handwork meditation and prayer of many, they have their power in their making, we our honored to add our own time and mediation to its being.

SIZE : One

SHAPESHIFT : May also be worn on the upper arm, the shin or thigh.

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