Shell, Bone, Wood and Stone Beaded Leather Scarf


“I am a tiny seashell that has secretly drifted ashore and carries the sound of the ocean surging through its body.”
― Edward Hirsch

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BRAND :  More Than Mammal Inc Caravan Collection

ESSENCE : Earth Wind Watcher / Ocean Wonderer

SIZE : One size fits most 16 inches, dampen to stretch to fit.

SHAPESHIFT : Wear to the side or backwards for someh thing not to predictable.

MATERIALS : Shells, glass, vintage corral, glass, stone chips, wood and bone. Antique African trade beads. Upcycled glove leather.


Handmade in Asheville North Carolina with genuine soul and dedication. Thank you for your support of handmade and ethical creation. May all your days bring blessings of joy and expressive, peaceful life.