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The Talent and Skill of Royal Peasantry

Royal Peasantry is a collection of designers, artists, and crafters on a mission to live our lives in expression of our passion while maintaining freedom and perfecting our skills. Our intent is to make sustainable clothing and expand individually and collectively. Our collective has grown and evolved through demand, patience and serendipity.

We honor all of the creators who have worked and learned and explored with us over last five years. Listed below is our current crew dedicated and strong from now to the Moon.

Danielle Miller – Principle Designer for RP / CEO / Founder / RP Product Development Designer / Creator of More Than Mammal Inc.

Amanda Swafford – House Stylist / Model Search and Rescue / Boutique Customer Service / Style and Wardrobe Consultant

Sherrie Stewart-Kuper – In house Style and Sales. Creator of A Kinky Thing- Natural Hair

Michelle Ford – Soul Designer of Pearla Swank and RoadBone / Divine Inspiration

Kree J. Kroga – Stitcher / Crafter for RP Mens, Pearla Swank and RoadBone / Boutique Business Manager

Patti Byrd – Primary Leather Crafter for RP Leather, Sacred Detail Designer / Creator of Nightjar’s Widow

Leanne Campagna – Production Crafter for RP Bridal and Upcycled Accessories Designer

Erin Hoffman – Production Crafter for RP product/ Etsy / Web product manager / Consignment Curator/ Creator of Airweaver Apparel

River Hendricks – Social Media Management / Instagram and FB / Creator of GhostRiver Art

Ameila Hamilton – New studio team member / Production Crafter RPmens / Creator of Mug Monsters

Stephen Opper – Movement Therapist / Pain Management / Wise Council / Security

Kari Svendsboe – Web Developer, Code Rodeo, Inc

Rich Risbridger – Web and Graphic Design, Writing, Ideas, and Analysis

April Shamel – Patient Capitalist and aligned asheville sisterhood / Creator of Ouroboros Movement Studio.

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